Mr. Jayraj Mishra

Mr. Jayraj Mishra is the founder and CEO of Profsys Softwares (P) Ltd. As CEO from when he founded the company, he played an integral part in Profsys Softwares growth from a one-man company into an industry leader. As a CEO of the company's Board of Directors, Mr. Jayraj Mishra currently oversees Profsys Softwares from a strategic level and is involved with major decisions affecting the company. Having started the company he has led and continues to lead Profsys Softwares to fulfil the vision that was set out, to become a world leader in the web hosting industry.

He is a self-taught entrepreneur, having started off in the BULK SMS industry and quickly establishing a wealth of web, marketing and design knowledge to create the global brand that is Profsys Softwares. The former is a leading provider in BULK SMS market and Internet Marketing with more than 250 dealers and 1500 customers. Under his leadership, Reliable Services has posted continuous annual growth of over 60% since 2006.

Mr. Jayraj Mishra continues to be involved in the day-to-day operations of Profsys Softwares and takes a leading role in the marketing objectives.
Founder & Director